Intelligent Backup Data Insights for Google Workspace

Proactively detect ransomware and compliance gaps in the data backed up by SysCloud.

Mitigate ransomware threats from a single pane of glass

Get instant alerts on your dashboards when SysCloud detects ransomware threats in Gmail and Google Drive. Regain control easily to secure your SaaS data or restore from a safe backup snapshot.

Available for Gmail and Google Drive

Identify and respond to ransomware attacks

Most ransomware attacks go unnoticed until it's too late. SysCloud automatically inspects data being backed up so admins can take control of infected files and delete them to prevent ransomware propagation. In the unlikely event of ransomware encryption, admins can recover data from a safe backup snapshot.

Monitor for a variety of compliance gaps for all SaaS apps

SysCloud’s compliance gap insights help organizations fulfill legal and litigation requirements, so admins will no longer have to worry about the consequences of non-compliance.

Available for Gmail and Google Drive

Monitor for compliance gaps

Get instant alerts for compliance issues in emails and documents. SysCloud scans for compliance issues such as PCI, HIPAA, Sensitive Auth Data, Confidential data for businesses and PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, Objectional Content, Movies & Audio filter, IEP,  Sensitive Auth Data , and Confidential data for schools.

Monitor for compliance gaps 

Single pane of glass to track ransomware and compliance issues

Monitor ransomware and compliance gaps for all SaaS apps from a single dashboard.


We take security and compliance seriously


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