Monitor Digital Citizenship of Students and Staff

Get a 360-degree view of user activities in a single report to understand the risks and the potential threats associated with users.

Digital citizenship is a part of SysCloud’s comprehensive data protection suite designed to help schools and institutions proactively protect privacy, safeguard confidential information, and remain compliant with regulations.

SysCloud digital citizenship

How Does Monitoring Digital Citizenship Help Secure Your School or Institution?

Recognize the Risk Profile of Users

Understand the risk profile of every user on school-provided Google Workspace to proactively intervene and take remedial actions.

Recognise user risk profile

Track Every Policy Violation for All Users

Use policy violations alert as triggers for creating training programs and delivering individual feedback to promote a safer usage of online resources.

Track policy violation

Pinpoint the Usage of Objectionable Content

Track incidents of usage of objectionable content by any user within the school-provided Google Workspace.

Track objectionable content

Track Complete Browsing History and Third-Party App Installation

Offer counseling for users with a high-risk profile and acknowledge good behavior.

Track user browsing history

Protect Students, Faculty, and Staff with SysCloud

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