Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (hereinafter SLA) is between SysCloud Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “SysCloud”) with a registered office at 125 Half Mile Road, Suite 200, Red Bank, NJ 07701 and the paid customer of SysCloud’s Safety, Data Privacy, Compliance & Backup services (as mentioned in the SysCloud’s Terms of Service)

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Service credits

Update to the SLA


If the paid customers are in compliance with SysCloud’s Terms of Service, SysCloud commits that
  • SysCloud Backup will backup the domain data at least once in 24 hours in incremental backups after the first backup has been completed.
  • SysCloud commits 99.9% ‘Availability’ of the SysCloud Backup Application and Google Drive Encryption application.
  • SysCloud Compliance-Student Safety and Data Privacy module will start the scheduled scan of the domain and detect violations as per configuration settings. It is not possible to be 100% accurate, SysCloud's Machine Learning algorithm works efficiently to reduce false positives in alerts.
If SysCloud does not meet the SysCloud SLA the paid customer will be eligible to receive Service credits as mentioned below. This SysCloud SLA states the sole and exclusive remedy for any failure by SysCloud to meet the SysCloud SLA.

Monthly availability uptime percentage
Service credits in days

95% to 99%

5 days

90% to 95%

7 days

Less than 95%

15 days


  • Scheduled maintenance activities not exceeding 4 hours per calendar month, with prior notice of 72 hours. Scheduled Maintenance will include downtime on account of any major releases and upgrades.
  • Downtime on account of failure of cloud infrastructure provider.
  • Force Majeure conditions: SysCloud will not be liable for performance delays nor for non-performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control. SysCloud will put in the best efforts to remedy the same.


Data backup and the backed up data: Data Backup is the process of replicating data on a secure cloud storage to allow for later restore as needed. Data present in cloud productivity apps like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are covered for back up to the cloud storage.
Initial backup: The first 100% backup of the data after installation of the SysCloud App.
Monthly availability uptime percentage: The time period (within the calendar month) that the SysCloud App was unavailable, divided by the time (within the calendar month) that the SysCloud App was being monitored gives the downtime percentage. From 100 subtract the downtime percentage, the result obtained is the uptime percentage for that calendar month.
Service credits: The additional time period granted to the customer on account of SysCloud not meeting the committed SLA.

How to claim service credits

Customer must email SysCloud at within 30 days of being eligible to receive Service Credits. The email must clearly mention the eligibility criteria to receive Service Credits. Failure to do so within the 30 day time period will result in forfeiture of the Service Credits.

Updates to the SLA

SysCloud reserves the right to modify the terms of this SLA without advance notice. The new SLA will be in effect 30 days from the date of publishing the new SLA. We will send you notice of such change to the email address on our records.

Support Provided

Definition in the order of Severity
Response time
Response time coverage
Resolution time

Critical business impact/service down: Business critical functionality is inoperable or critical interface has failed. This usually applies to a production environment and indicates an inability to access services resulting in a critical impact on operations. This condition requires an immediate solution.

Within 1 hour


8 hours

Significant Business Impact: A service business feature or function of the service is severely restricted in its use or you are in jeopardy of missing business deadlines.

Within 2 business hrs


16 hours

Minor Business Impact: An inquiry or non-technical request.

Within 4 business hrs


48 hours

If you have any questions about our SLA, please contact us at