Backup Office 365 Email & OneDrive

User errors and limited retention periods of deleted items leads to data loss.
Backing up data is your responsibility not Microsoft's.

Do you need to Backup Office 365 Email & Files?

  • Limited Office 365 Email Retention
    Office 365 exchange online allows users to restore items from ‘Deleted Items’ folder. O365 admin can also recover from ‘Recoverable Items’ folder. Both folders however have limited retention periods.
  • Granular Restore & Self Service
    Item level recovery is not possible. Office 365 OneDrive and Sharepoint online allows recovery at site level if you contact Office 365 support. Without restore self service by end user, IT workload increases.
  • Secure Office 365 Email Backup
    A great insurance policy and best practice is to backup your data with a backup vendor since this gives you options in case Microsoft itself has an outage or any misconfiguration by your IT team.
Enterprise Class Office 365 Backup & Recovery Solution

  • Office 365 Backup Policy
    Backup copy of all your Office 365 data encrypted with a key only you have; securely accessible only to your organization's authorized users.
  • Access Office 365 Backups
    Find archived Office 365 online email or Onedrive files for any user with advanced search. User self-service reduces O365 admin workload.
  • Recover Lost O365 Data
    Restore any Email (s) or onedrive document (s) or full Office 365 account directly to same or other O365 user account with structure fidelity and permissions.
Easily install SysCloud Backup and Security software directly through the Office 365 Appsource Marketplace. Takes less than 60 seconds. Backup your organisation’s Office 365 data for all users with a single click. Backup data is encrypted with keys Office 365 admin has and stored securely in Amazon S3.
Login into O365 Backup and Restore
List for User Archives in O365
Automatically adds any newly created users to the Office 365 backup schedule.
O365 admins can choose to backup all or only specific users, services or Office 365 groups or entire domain
Select Services for O365 Backup
Both Office 365 admins and users can easily find lost O365 data with our advanced search capabilities and filters.
Advanced Search For O365